Who am I?

Hi, I can be your best nightmare (Painajainen in english). We can customized a character for you, that leaves it mark on different surfaces. You can do visioning yourself – or let me do it. Big or small, everything is always done carefully.
painajainen Kirsi Pääskyvuori
Sivupainajainen Kirsi Pääskyvuori, Photo: Terhi Valli

Over 20 years Sivupainajainen has been doing printing surface for companies and private operators.
Printing surface includes the production of texts, images, various graphics and logos.
I make these for traditional paper format, but also in digital applications such as web pages.

In terms of education I have a specialist qualification of pagemaker on workstation page make up. Alongside my work I have completed a number of graduates like image processing and audiovisual communication.

Every “Nightmare” is my special know-how on Painajainen.

I’ll help you with any of your graphic problems. Please feel free to contact us for more info.

After receiving the master craftsman’s certificate I promise to:

• respect the traditions of masters and apprentices
• do my part to maintain the appreciation of the masters
• constantly to develope my professional skills, also appreciate experts in other professions
• maintain a confidential relationship with the customer
• offer the customers only quality works or services
• price the work and services reasonably
• having regard to requirements of the environment in the performance of work and in the use of raw materials and consumables
• for my part, to take care of the passing of skills to the next generations
• obey the laws and regulations of this country and otherwise good manners

I graduated on Specialist qualification of pagemaker in 2001 on AEL – Taitotalo