It takes a lifetime to have complete portfolio

Sivupainajainen has a long experience of workstation page make up. Portfolio and qualifikations list is constantly evolving.

Portfolio in graphic arts technology;

2019-2020 Parts of the Further qualification in Media;
Web Service Planning and Implementation
2012 Qualification in Audiovisual Communication, Network Communications
2001 Specialist qualification of pagemaker, workstation page make up
2000 Further qualification in preparation of printing surface, image processing
1999 Further qualification in preparation of printing surface, page make up
1998 Vocational qualification in graphic arts technology

Work Experience on page make up on printing surfaces.

29.8.2019-continues Sivupainajainen Kirsi Pääskyvuori, Imatra
23.9.1996-24.9.2019 Painomerkki Oy, Helsinki

Completing the portfolio

It is a matter of honor for Sivupainajainen  to constantly enhance its skills.

In addition to the completed qualifications involved, I have completed a number of different software courses. I have toured trade fairs and got to know many companies in the field around Finland. Various online courses have also become familiar for example digital drawing skills are handy to learn from home.

Even in the graphic field, an expert is never ready, know-how needs to be updated annually because of software and platform updates.  I also train program skills on a small scale for partners. We each have our own strengths and sharing specific skills directly from one author to another is the most effective way to learn. It also enriches the everyday life of a sole proprietor.

Vocational qualifications and apprenticeships have been substantial information package where I have been allowed to focus on one of their subject areas at a time. I have been able to be completed these alongside my work and therefore they are possible for the proprietor to accomplish. The previous degree package is coming to an end but the next section is already selected. The graphic industry can still inspire and inspire after twenty years

Refresh courses

Marketing and Advertising Course for Entrepreneurs, October 2020
The Complete WordPress Website Business Cource 2020
Adobe Illustrator Advanced Vector Artwork 2020
The Ultimate Digital Painting Course 2020

The journey from the undergraduate’s degree to the secrects of graphic art continues.