Privacy Policy

Privacy policy. Magnifying glass. Your privacy is important to us!
Your privacy is important to us!

Privacy Policy of Sivupainajainen
Register manager, data protection officer and also data protection contact person:
Kirsi Pääskyvuori, p. 050 596 8881.
Y-tunnus: 3021132-7
Rajalantie 48, 55100 Imatra

Register name and customers:

This is Kirsi Pääskyvuori’s marketing and customer register. In the register, we process the contact information of our customers as well as our potential customers and their representatives, as well as stakeholders.

Purpose and basis of processing of personal data:
The information is used to communicate with customers regarding customer relationship management. The information will not be passed on to third parties for marketing purposes.

Information content of the register:
Names, titles, addresses, email addresses, phone numbers and any separate billing information.Customer data is retained for as long as the company is in operation or until the information is considered redundant /outdated. The data will not be outsourced or disclosed outside the EU.

Information is collected in the customer relationship and in connection with the bidding round directly from the customer itself. Some data is also collected from public sources.

Risks of handling data and possible impact assessment:
Being attacked by a cyber attack or physically stealing machines.

Data protection, technical and organizational measures:

Data processing takes place in Visma Passel in connection with invoicing.

  1. There are no manual material.
  2. Electroni materials, machines and equipments are protected by firewalls, virus protection and other technical protection measures, such as encryption. Only the data controller and the technical administrator have access to the data.
  3. Obsolete and unnecessary data is safely disposed off. Personal data is stored for the purpose specified in the privacy policy (GDPR). Due to the obligations of the accounting act and other applicable law, the information may have to keep longer than the above.

Your rights and choices

  • Request access to the personal information we maintain about you
  • You have the right to verify information about yourself
  • Request that we correct your information
  • Request that we erase your information
  • Request the restriction of our use of your personal information
  • You have the right to be notified of a security breach

Reporting security breaches:
To the data protetection officer and customer

Possible updates to our privacy policy:
We may update this privacy policy when it is necessary. We recommend that you check out our privay policy regularly if you need any information about changes.

Requests about your rights in writing etc. to the data protection contact person:
We only respond to privacy policy inquiries through this form. We do reserve 4 weeks time for the investigation.

Updated 26.9.2019