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All kind of printed products through us

We look for an affordable and reliable printing company for your products from numerous partners. We handle tendering, deliveries and mailings as needed.

I currently manage layouts for about eight different membership magazines.

Club magazines and membership newsletters

Membership newsletters and club magazines are directed to target group, A5, B5 and A4 sized magazines. The number of pages can vary about from 8 to 60 pages, made with saddle stich binding. Print runs can vary from dozens to thousands.

We use high quality finish on a range of paper types. Magazine covers can be made by using heavier paper weight than the pages. When considering weight, the opacity of the material is also taken into account. Opacity and the total weight of the magazine, if the interface is moved in relation to the weight limits specified by the post office in different price categories.

Style and dignity, as well as durability for the magazine can be obtained e.g. by with various finishing services.

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Brochure material can be submitted in almost any format. Let us make stylish brochure for you!


The brochure or leaflet can be implemented in any form by die cutting. You can also go little bit crazy with material choices. Digital printing enables very small print runs and a really fast delivery schedule. In Digital printing, full color is so affordable that black and white prints are really just made as a means of style.

Business cards, gift vouchers, invitations and postcards – your imagination is the only limit.


Stylish cards to suit your wishes and looks with almost limitless effects.
If you come up with an idea – I’ll make it true.

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Books are classified into two categories, hardcover and paperback. Of these, perfect binding is clearly a cheaper option, while hardcover is more durable.

Hardcover (books) are bound durable with case binding. The cover is at least 1mm strong paperboard which will be coated on both sides. Common page material is coated paper which is more durable than porous paper in case binding.

In a perfect binding (paperbacks) the back of the inner bundle is roughened and glued to the cover cardboard.The perfect binding can be strengthened by first binding the core into a bundle before gluing the cover.The cover is heavier cardboard and the motifs are printed directly to them. Perfect binding is used when page quantity exceeds the maximum number of saddle stitching however, the back strenght must be at least 3 mm.  In perfect bindings the materials are porous.

Folded books for the Rual Explorer project.
Skilled printing houses guarantee the finish.