References issued by customers


Sivupainajainen implemented two large-scale publications of Rural Explorer project flexibly, expertly and taking into account the client’s wishes.

Although the schedule was tight and there was a lot of material, there was no need to get excited about getting the job done on time.

Publications aimed specifically at tourism businesses in the area got the desired look that is enticing to grasp and become familiar with. Both printed and electronic, hyperlinked versions of the books were made.

At Rural Explorer, we are very pleased with choosing the prepress company Painajainen.

Anu Nuutinen
LAB/University of applied sience

Cadillac Club Of Finland


I highly recommend Kirsi Pääskyvuori (Sivupainajainen) with innovative artistic skills. She has created a modern and marketable product for our club, from the widely circulated Cadillac News magazine in our club, to be featured at shows.

Matti Kukkonen
President, Cadillac Club of Finland



Kirsi gets down to work immediately and she gets things done effortlessly. She listens to the client’s current need for illustration or other graphic design work. I have done co-operation with Kirsi e.g. advertisements, labels, fabric patterns to convert them into press-ready files.

I highly recommend Painajainen, if you want to sleep your night without real nightmares, especially for printed matters in the case of graphic design.

Tiina Kärkäs-Sund
Designer, entrepreneur

Kehonhuoltopiste Rennoxi


Planning went quickly, flexibly and with good consensus! The end result was a personalized and corporate logo that fully fulfilled my wishes.

Niklas Petriläinen
Enetrepreneur, sports massage

Ukonhauta Oy


The most important thing for us is that the whole process from design and printing can be easily found at one address, leaving more time for our own productive work. We recommend.

Ukonhauta Oy
Vesa Hellman, master builder, university of applied sience

Terhin Salonki


The entrepreneur is a “lion mother” who works with Schwarzkopf products. The card sought out the color scheme and atmosphere of these elements. The card acts as an appointment card and an easy-to-fill space was arranged on the other side for this purpose.

“The card is perfect and it’s a pleasure to present to customers”

Terhin Salonki
Terhi Soikkeli-Petriläinen, Entrepreneur

Haukikoira Kalastuspalvelut


Ruoto Predator Classic Finland is a sport fishing event that meets international criteria in Loviisa, on the shore of Pernajalahti Bay. The Sivupainajainen had done various banners and prize signs as well as personalized entry cards distributed to the contestants. The personalization of 100 athletes is quite a task, with photos and personal information, which from time to time had be “fished” from many different sources. Top performance.

Lund Ambassador – Mercury captain
Fishing guide – racing fisherman
Mika Vornanen
Haukikoira kalastuspalvelut

Johanna Kare, the photographer


I recommend Kirsi’s professional skilled printing work that was shown in my show at the Helsinki music house. Also friendly customer service is unique and good at Kirsi’s.

Photographer, Johanna Kare

Johanna Kare
Musiikkitalo, Helsinki,