Special know-how

Pre-press operating

like InDesign workflow
Mostly we use InDesign on our pre-press.

Our special know-how is strongly on magazines.

Magazines, brochyres, posters and so on -from scratch to print ready. All prints are personalized, looking like their customer. We implement the wildest ideas and if necessary, we will design a brand new one.

We use the latest Adobe applications. Customer data is backed up to our secure servers and it is available to you at any time.

Ordering is easy. Email your material to us and you will receive a pdf image for review in your return mail.

A variety of organization and member magazines

Logo designs

Design and vectorization of logos for different applications.

The problem for many entrepreneurs is the lost logos over time, or they might not have been ever made into a finished package.

Our logos are always supplied in all required formats, native file (for possible editing), as well as eps, tiff, pdf, gif, svg, etc. A complete version is available in the package.

Some logo designs
We also draw personalized maps.

Image processing

Processing, editing and finishing touch for every purposes.

All image files will get basic processing, (color space change, resolution adjustment, distractor removal). In addition, it is possible to do a number of other tricks to get the idea and information of the image properly exposed. The picture does not have to be just a picture, it can be real work of art.

We also do product and personel photo shoots. The pictures are delivered in a finished package ready for use.

That car was cut from its background for advertising use

Info Graphics

Designing infographics for spesific layouts.

Stats and graphs can be customized to match your business look and color. This completes the formal report with clear, easy to read graphics.

The graphics are made in 1:1 size, which also keeps the font size compatible throughout the line.

A book with statistical graphs. All graphs have been processed into customer colors and fonts.
Annual program was built around an annual clock.


We create hand-drawn illustrations with Illustrator Draw. Images are vector graphics and fully scalable for all needs. The oil and watercolor type illustration program is Adobe Fresco, so the end product is pixel graphics, it is created in ready-to-use size. We can also “paint” existing images into art images.

! Tip. Do you have an iPad? The attached programs can be downloaded as free apps. Drawing is easy with- the Apple Pencil, whose pressure detection and brush features of the programs give an almost drawable feel to the paper. I recommend.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is Huomiokuva-1-1024x605.png
“HandMade” illustration separates it from the mass.
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is rapujuhlat-3.svg
Songbook illustration for the song “Crab Festival”
This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is JulistePiirrokset-1-724x1024.jpg

Printing Services

Enveloping in progress

Some pretty inexpensive choices with our long- lasting subcontractors.

We look for an affordable and reliable printing company for your products from numerous partners. We handle tendering proedures, deliveries and mailings as needed.

Print is always unique, we choose the operator according to what kind of production it is best suited for, for example, price range, schedule or material.

Express deliveries are very common, saving the urgent need of many who travel and trade at the fairs.

Also ask for special effects, laminations, foilings, elevations, stampings and more. They have also evolved immensely in digital production.